The first step to proper skimboard maintenance is selecting a board suitable to your height and weight. Anything less will not ride as expected and will increase the likelihood of damage or breakage.


Store your skimboard in an area where there is no sun or heat. It is recomended that you keep your board inside a board sock or board bag to ensure full protection of your board.


The heat and your skimboard are not friends! Don’t leave your board in direct sunlight. Above all, never leave your skimboard in the trunk of your car for extended periods of time. You are baking your board in an oven if you do this. Your board will loose its structural integrity, and could result in delaminating (composite layer separating from foam core) and breakage.


Delamination is the separation of the cohesion between the board’s foam core and the tough, fiberglass shell. Delamination can cause broken boards because the foam core no longer has the protection needed to withstand the force of riding. Heat and un-repaired dings can cause delamination. Never leave your board in a hot, enclosed vehicle or prolonged exposure to extreme heat source. When you’re not riding keep your board in a board bag, in the shade, or under a towel. Always fix dings immediately.


Scratches on the bottom of the board are normal due to the abrasion of sand and shells at various beaches. They do not have to be repaired unless the fiberglass has been punctured. Any scratches that have exposed the foam core or have the potential to must be repaired immediately.


Any dings, cracks, deep scratches, or damages to the fiberglass must be repaired immediately with polyester resin & fiberglass. Contact your local surf shop or fiberglass tradesman for assistance or if you feel up to the task, you can order our board ding repair kit.


Wax the TOP of your skimboard with a bar of surf wax or add traction pads (follow all traction manufacturers application instructions) to ensure performance. If you are applying traction on a brand new board, clean the board thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Keeping a fresh wax job is also critical to giving your feet good grip.

There are many different brands of wax available and different brands work differently. The most important aspect of wax selection is temperature specification. The colder the temperature rating the softer and stickier the wax. Tropical rated wax is very hard and less sticky. Colder water wax wears away more quickly than warm water. We recommend using a base coat of tropical wax followed by a cooler temperature for stickiness. Wax & traction can be purchased at your local surf shop or the choice Skim Whacks in our Gear section