2017 Zap Sword Fish Skimboard

Sword Fish

Ultra Team

If you’re ready to slay the waves you need a mighty sword, cue the SWORDFISH. Designed to bridge the gap, the slightly fuller outline, smooth nose curve and “bump” wing swallow tail flow together to deliver a high performance fish shape. The SWORDFISH will rip the smallest of shorebreak apart all while being more than capable of handling the big stuff. 3/4in center thickness thinning out in nose and tail provides a balance of float and rail sensitivity. The waves will quiver in fear when you step afoot the beach yielding your SWORDFISH!

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Model Size Dimensions Thickness Rider Ht. Range Rider Wt. Limit
SF51 Small 51″ x 20.875″ ¾ 5’1″ – 5’11″ 200 lbs.
SF53 Medium 53″ x 21″ ¾ 5’3″ – 6’1″ 225 lbs.
Zap Swordfish Skimboard Zap Swordfish Skimboard Zap Swordfish Skimboard