2018 Zap Arrowhead Skimboard


Ultra Team

The Arrowhead is designed for riders looking for extra float. It’s wide mid-section helps provide more stability and surface area for side slipping out to waves. The narrow nose and winged pin tail balance the board out allowing its rider to dig the tail and respond quickly. It is a great board for catching hard to reach waves and staying on top of the water with minimal pumping necessary. The Arrowhead was created by long time team rider, Jason Wilson as a board to help with catching siders, liners, and keeping speed in smaller conditions. His focus with the design was to not compromise maneuverability or response while riding a wider board.

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Model Size Dimensions Thickness Rider Ht. Range Rider Wt. Limit
AH51 Small 51″ x 21.4″ ¾ 5’1″ – 5’11″ 175 lbs.
AH53 Medium 53″ x 21.5″ ¾ 5’3″ – 6’1″ 200 lbs.