Team Austin Bleiweiss



Birthdate / Age

June 14, 1984 ()

Full Name

Austin Alexander Bleiweiss


Naples, Florida


Naples, Florida

Local Skim Spot

Naples Pier “this is subject
to change upon swell”

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Right now it’s a medium Austin Bleiweiss shape

Secondary Board Setup

My three boards I have on hand are my Austin Bleiweiss pro model in a medium, the Jami Lovette pro mode in a medium and another Jami Lovette model that is a medium and 1″thick foam all the way through and is something new I’m trying. These boards all profrom well for me in all conditions. From liners to wraps!



Austin Bleiweiss Austin Bleiweiss Austin Bleiweiss Austin Bleiweiss Austin Bleiweiss



Music Genres?

I like all kinds of music. I guess it just depends on what kind of mood I’m in..

Favorite Foods?

Organic Healthy Foods!

Dream Travel Location?

I have a few Australia, Indonesia, Thahiti!

Thoughts on Zap?

I think every skimboarder no matter what kind of board you ride exile, victoria, apex, ect.. should thank Zap for pushing the sport to what it is today! If it wasnt for Zap who knows where the sport of skimboarding would be today! This company is family owed, and one thing I can say being a team rider for over 10 years now is that they have made me feel like I was one of there own! They are good people, good friends and damn good board company!

Why Skimboarding?

I started skimboarding because it was similar to surfing. Now when you live on the gulf of Mexico there are more days of skim then there are of surf! It always keep me in shape for surfing and around the ladies at the beach!

5 years from now?

The next 5 years I plan on pushing myself and the sport of skimboarding to all new levels! I plan on traveling to different places in the world and promoting and pushing our sport!

You Skim mostly with?

Bill Baxter, Jonathan Howell, and Chad Perrow!

Passionate About?

I feel very strongly and am very passionate about being happy and healthy! I’m not only a professional skimboarder but also a Paramedic Firefighter. In my line of work you realize life is short and can end at anytime weather you’re ready for it or not. So my goal in life is to always be happy, treat your body with good wholesome organic foods, and train hard daily because once your health goes so does your happiness!

Other Board Sports?

I actively surf, skateboard, stand up paddle board, and snowboard!

Spare Time?

On my spare time I like to train hard and workout, so that when the time comes and the skim or surf is good I’ll have the stamina to be able to stay out all day and enjoy the waves. I train daily by either running, swimming, cycling, gym or Stand up paddle boarding ..