Team Ben Lucas



Birthdate / Age

April 2, 1988 ()

Full Name

Ben Lucas


Chattanooga, Tennessee


Orlando, FL

Local Skim Spot

Brevard County

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

51” Boomhower with Minimal rocker. ¾” thick, non-tapered.



Ben Lucas Ben Lucas Ben Lucas Ben Lucas Ben Lucas Ben Lucas Ben Lucas



Music Genres?

Blaring distorted noise rock. Lo-Fi hipster droll. Ear rattling feedback. Skull crackingly intense treble.

Favorite Foods?

Unhealthy stuff. And salads.

Dream Travel Location?


Thoughts on Zap?

It’s hard to express my feelings of gratitude for a company that has continued supporting me over the years, even when school has kept me out of the water for extended periods of time. I love my Zap family.

Why Skimboarding?

To impress a girl that my friend and I were fighting over.

5 years from now?

Poor as hell. Making art in god knows where. Trying to make a name for myself so that then I can make a piece of nothing and sell it for $500,000.

You Skim mostly with?

Bryan K. Dawg.

Passionate About?

Reverence. After many years of deep meditation I’ve come to the conclusion that it is what we all seek. We seek to be respected. Respect from our family, our peers, our colleagues, our enemies. Money, fame, happiness, and success; bi-products.

Spare Time?

My 4 ft. lizard. Sculpting. Welding. Painting. Drawing. Drinking.