Team Chris Brown



Birthdate / Age

October 26, 1991 ()

Full Name

Christopher Robert Brown


Hillsdale, New Jersey


St. Augustine Fl. and All around NJ

Local Skim Spot

Vilano Beach, Long Beach Island.

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Textured, small carbon epoxy deck, purple on top, green on bottom. Black Astrodeck Beaker pads and Sticky Bumps/ Mrs. Palmers / Sex wax. Tapered nose and tail as well as narrowed throughout. I live mainly in New Jersey, where I love this board for lines and hucking airs. It is a small board, which allows me to fit it in the pocket easily and throw my tech tricks just that much higher. Can’t forget the AO and Zap stickers to finish off my primary board. This board flies down the line and is easily controlled, allowing for epic hacks.

Secondary Board Setup

An old Small Jdub from a few years ago. It is carbon and polyester, and still tapered down in the nose and tail, but this one is wider so that I can have a little bit more float on those small days in Jersey and Florida. It is all white with Freak Pads and Sticky bumps wax. Some more Zap and AO stickers round this back up board out.



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Music Genres?

Mostly Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, Acoustic Jams, Alternative, some of that Indie.

Dream Travel Location?

There are a lot of places I still have to visit haha. I think on of the first places I want to knock out though is Australia, Brazil, or Portugal.

Thoughts on Zap?

I love Zap and could not ask for anything more. These guys really care about the progression of skimboarding and work to make the best boards on earth!

Why Skimboarding?

I started skimming on the sand when I was real young, right after I learned how to surf. I could not get enough of being in the ocean. I eventually progressed when I was around 12 because a lot of the local riders in New Jersey such as Conor Willem and Toeknee Bianchi influenced me and taught me the ropes.

5 years from now?

Still trying to progress my abilities on a skimboard as well as the sport as a whole.

You Skim mostly with?

I skim with a lot of the kids that go to Flagler College (Tommy Tee, Alex Jackman, Andrew Hollingsworth, Steve Distefano, Reed Crosby!!!). I also see the guys who have been skimming Vilano way longer than I have (Steve Pullara, Jed, Dave Scott, Nick T, Aaron Astin, Tom Bracht)

Passionate About?

The ocean, America, and beer.

Other Board Sports?

Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding.

Spare Time?

Don’t have so much of that anymore. Lot of school work and what not to do but I like to go party or hangout with friends if I got nothing else to do.