Team Chuck Wright



Birthdate / Age

August 8, 1991 ()

Full Name

Charles Wright


Lebanon, New Hampshire


Orlando, FL

Local Skim Spot

Boardwalk/Sebastian Inlet

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Medium Zap Dagger with Zaplix tail pad and arch bar and freak strippers

Secondary Board Setup

Medium Zap Boomhower 3/4th with propel bottom, Freak tail pad, arch bar and strippers.



Chuck Wright Chuck Wright Chuck Wright Chuck Wright Chuck Wright



Music Genres?

Rap, dubstep, rock, punk. screamo

Favorite Foods?

Pasta and burgers

Dream Travel Location?


Thoughts on Zap?

It’s the best and most genuine Skim company there is. Im so stoked to be riding for them!

Why Skimboarding?

It looked like a lot of fun and you can do it even if theres no waves.

5 years from now?

Done with school, living somewhere by a beach and skimboarding as much as I can and competing still!

You Skim mostly with?

Duke, Chase, Joey, Chas, Davey, Derik, Morgan, Seabass, and Creighton.

Passionate About?

Doing well in school

Other Board Sports?

Flowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and I might start getting into wake skating since I live so close to OWC now

Spare Time?

Studying and flowboarding