Team Connor Schmitt



Birthdate / Age

July 7, 1983 ()

Full Name

Connor “Flon Lon” Schmitt


Fairfax, Virginia


Los Angeles, CA

Local Skim Spot

Chesapeake St.

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

53 inch J-dub model



Connor Schmitt Connor Schmitt Connor Schmitt Connor Schmitt



Music Genres?

Rock n Roll and old school hip hop.

Favorite Foods?

Sushi, mexican, thai, italian and in n’ out.

Dream Travel Location?

Australia, Indo, Fiji……anywhere with babes and waves.

Thoughts on Zap?

Zap is the best company out there. They do more for the sport than anyone else, and are constantly pushing forward. Skimboarding would not be where it is today without the help of Zap and the Smetts family. Great people, and a great company to ride for.

Why Skimboarding?

I started skimming because my older brothers were doing it. When I was 5, my brother Carter “Phil Anthropist” Schmitt was entering the East Coast Championships in Dewey Beach. I went to watch him, and I saw a fellow grom skimming. I went up and talked to the grom and he told me he was also in the contest. I signed up, grabbed my sandpiper and ended up winning! That little grom that told me to enter was Joey Vavala, we are now friends for life. That is the great thing about skimboarding, you meet great people. Within this first year I met Joey, Jason Wilson, and Jamie Celano. We grew up skimming together everyday and 23 years later are still best friends.

5 years from now?

5 years from now I see myself still working extremely hard at whatever I am doing. I am confident I will be skimming and surfing regularly and having an incredible time doing it. Living life to the fullest, being as happy as possible.

You Skim mostly with?

Jason “Rufius Roy Willams Methods” Wilson, Jamie “Bobo” Celano, Joey “Euvy” Vavala, Corey “Ramon Martinez” Mahoney, Todd “Hermanator” Drotleft, Timbo “Tommy 2 Touch” Cotter, Tyler “Titti Balls” Clark, Blair “C-Pit” Cherico, Bill “Slab Dabbler” Baxter and occasionally Phil Anthropist

Passionate About?

Clear Eyes, Full hearts, Cant Lose!

Other Board Sports?

Snowboarding, Surfing, and Skating. (Until I broke my collar bone this summer)

Spare Time?

Chill with the bro’s, nic nacs and paddy wacks, try to stay active in whatever way I can.