Team Connor Willem



Birthdate / Age

July 9, 1991 ()

Full Name

Connor Willem


Surf City, New Jersey


Surf City, NJ

Local Skim Spot


Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Right now I cant get over my little fish. It’s a J dub template in-between a small and extra small and almost as wide as a medium, 3/4″ thick, with a swallow tail. Fastest most maneuverable board I have ever stepped on. Doesn’t work to well when its far out or really long lines, but if its right on the beach its INSANE.

Secondary Board Setup

For insanely long liners and far out skim, I use a small J dub 3/4″, and for the winter with an extra 10 pounds of wetsuit on I have a medium J Dub.



Connor Willem Connor Willem Connor Willem Connor Willem Connor Willem



Music Genres?

Hardcore punk, reggae, classical, Rap that I can Relate to. pretty much every Genre except country, I just cant relate to it.

Favorite Foods?

I like food.

Dream Travel Location?

Indonesia to surf and Cabo to skim.

Thoughts on Zap?

The only boards I can ride, I would be lost without them. Every board I get just gets better and better.

Why Skimboarding?

The skim was more consistent than the surf and when I was 12 it gave me a reason to not paddle out when it was big.

5 years from now?

Working Hard, surfing hard and skimboarding hard.

You Skim mostly with?

The wrecking crew, Kyle, Dane, Brian, Shuv, Stef, Steeve, Tim, DARIAN, the list is too long.

Passionate About?

That we are alive. I’m not going to make up reasons for why we are here I’m just going to live life my own way.

Other Board Sports?

Surfing and when its flat for weeks I’ll hit up the local skate parks with the crew.

Spare Time?

In the ocean, or ripping up the streets with the wrecking crew.