Team Corbin Dull



Birthdate / Age

May 19, 1987 ()

Full Name

Corbin Dull


Goshen, Indiana


Panana City Beach, FL

Local Skim Spot

Ocean Towers, City pier

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

52″ Lovett epoxy. 5/8 Zap pad setup. Sticky Bumps wax

Secondary Board Setup

I definitely keep my 49″ Rocket Fish close to me at all times just incase something crazy pops off. I’ve rode this thing for about 2 or 3 years straight and is super hard to get away from (everybody should own one). I also have a 53″ Lovett I like to bring out every now and agian and do a couple 3 shuvs on…. I do have a 51′ J-Dub model 1″ thickneed to ride more.



Corbin Dull Corbin Dull Corbin Dull Corbin Dull Corbin Dull Corbin Dull Corbin Dull



Music Genres?

Rap, Country, Reggae, Johhny Cash, Drake, Kid Ink, Tone Loc

Favorite Foods?

Finns! Firehouse Subs, Chick-fil-a, Outlaws BBQ, Dairy Queen

Dream Travel Location?


Thoughts on Zap?

<3 Zap:) has done a lot for the sport of skimboarding. I'm super pumped to be apart of the crew!! ZaPpEd 4 LyFe

Why Skimboarding?

Growing up on the Gulf Coast the surf wasnt ever any good. One day I went to the beach and saw guys riding waves on shore while doing skateboard tricks and was like whoa! 6 months later I entered my first skim contest and placed 2nd.

5 years from now?

Hopefully in a huge barrel far away from Florida.

You Skim mostly with?

Shaun Gaiser and myself. I really wish more people would start skimming around PCB!

Passionate About?

Latley I kinda been getting into yoga. I find it good for letting out stress and keeping the body active and in shape. (And the girls are super hot of course)

Other Board Sports?

Surf, wakeskate, longboard cruz, SUP

Spare Time?

Golfing. Camping, Fishing, Running. Anything outdoors. Sometimes bust out the yo-yo but I do want to learn the keyboard!