Team Emanuel Embaixador

Emanuel “Mega”


Birthdate / Age

September 1, 1984 ()

Full Name

Emanuel Vidal dos Anjos Embaixador
AKA “Mega”


Sesimbra, Portugal


Sesimbra, Portugal

Local Skim Spot

Sesimbra area

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

I like to ride different boards every year, it depends how I feel. Now, I’m riding an medium-large epoxy with a Boomhower shape. I change a little bit the original shape and the nose looks more rounded and the rails are a little more boxy. It rides great, maybe one of my best boards ever. It’s fast, light and turns so easy that you can make the transition from the wrap to the trick real fast. I use back pad and archbar, that makes me feel more confidence when I ride the boards and I use always fresh wax from Zap.

Secondary Board Setup

I have a Bullet Shape with the Bat tail for small waves and when they dont have enough power. That board I ride it a little bit smaller than my primary board, but it’s wider so that makes up for the flotation, making a little bit more easy to ride on small conditions. Its really funny if you try on big waves. Was big surprise for me when I ride that board in West Street, California on pretty decent size waves. Turns fast and you feel really confortable on the wave. Siders and Liners are easy for that board! Its definitly my special board for special days.



Emanuel Embaixador Emanuel Embaixador Emanuel Embaixador Emanuel Embaixador Emanuel Embaixador Emanuel Embaixador



Few words from Mega

Zap is always thinking about new shapes and how that shape can help the skimboarder “grow up” on skimming. So, I like to change my shapes everytime and that makes me feel an extra energy to keep skimming and improve myself. I’m also a surfer and I love to see the big connection between our shapes and tails with the new surf shapes. Because we all have the same feeling, going faster!

Music Genres?

I like Rock n Roll, Hip-Hop, Country Music, House, Electronic. Pretty much every type of music that makes me happy and ready to go to the beach, or maybe to the party!

Favorite Foods?

I would say Fish, Vegetable Soups, Meat, Rice, Seafood, Chicken. Sometimes I go to bad stuff like Macdonalds, but just because I’m hungry and I have no time to cook or pay a lot for good food. That makes me feel great at the time but bad after an hour.

Dream Travel Location?

Thats a hard question. I want to go to Hawaii, thats probably my dream travel location. I would love to go also to Mexico, Japan, Africa and Australia.

Thoughts on Zap?

Zap is my 50% of my life. Sickest boards, best designs, cool boys and girls, biggest company, and because of them I’m here :) OK, maybe 51% because sometimes I put Zap above myself. ahhah

Why Skimboarding?

Maybe because my cousin has a skimboard when I was 6-7 years. I try and I got addicted!

5 years from now?

Im a crazy dog, so I just want to have the same fun as I have now. Meet new places, new cultures and have a fun life :)

You Skim mostly with?

Sesimbra Skim Brothers!

Passionate About?

Happiness! I like to make everyone happy and be happy every time. That keeps everyone balanced and its way of life!

Other Board Sports?

Surf a lot and sometimes Gym.

Spare Time?

I like to go out at night with friends. Go to bars and clubs relaxing after a good day at the beach. Sometimes I go to music festivals also. And when Benfica plays I love to stop everything and watch a good soccer game. (S.L.Benfica 4 EVERRRR)