Team Helen Holt



Birthdate / Age

April 17, 1992 ()

Full Name

Helen Elizabeth Holt


Morehead City, NC


Asheville, NC &
Cape Carteret, NC (Summer)

Local Skim Spot

Bogue Inlet Pier

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

I wanted my board to reflect my personality therefore my board consists of a cheetah print top decked out with gold glitter and a psychedelic hello kitty bottom and of course, pink logos! On a mission front and back pads, the essential sticky bumps wax, and all the wonderful sponsors stickers.



Helen Holt Helen Holt Helen Holt Helen Holt Helen Holt



Music Genres?

Alternative, Hip-Hop/Pop, Country, Electronic, pretty much open to anything minus Opera and Polka…

Favorite Foods?

Pizza, pasta, coldstone ice cream, lettuce sandwiches..ha!

Dream Travel Location?

Brazil or Australia? Both please!

Thoughts on Zap?

I think Zap is the best, duh! Everyone is hard working and would do anything for me. I think of everyone like family! I appreciate everything they do for me!

Why Skimboarding?

Growing up, my brother, Kyle, was heavily into the sport and after traveling to a contest, I wanted to get into skimboarding. Also, I had very supportive parents who encouraged me to continue skimboarding throughout the years.

5 years from now?

Finishing up graduate school and hopefully finding a very successful job, Weather Channel?

You Skim mostly with?

Anybody who is skimming down at the pier that day.

Passionate About?

Living life to the fullest and believing everything happens for a reason, so cliché but it’s so true! I take things as they come even if they are not in my favor and try to make the best outcome out of whatever happens.

Other Board Sports?

I always enjoy a nice cruise on a longboard, indoboarding, and hopefully trying snowboarding this winter but other than that, I stick to skimboarding.

Spare Time?

Hanging out and spending time with friends whether it’s at home or out and about, watching movies, shopping (like any other girl), pretty much up for anything exciting!