Team Jed Currington



Birthdate / Age

July 17, 1980 ()

Full Name

Jedediah Allen Currington


Sarasota, FL


St. Augustine, FL

Local Skim Spot

Vilano Beach

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

I ride a medium, 1 inch thick, Boomhower pro model with an X-trak arch bar and tailpad and I use sticky bumps wax. I like this board because it has good pivot and drive and is great for all types of waves.

Secondary Board Setup

I also ride a rocket and dagger with the same setup as my primary board. I like the rocket when the waves are a little further out and smaller. The dagger works good on lined up waves; it’s fast and loose.



Jed Currington Jed Currington Jed Currington Jed Currington Jed Currington Jed Currington



Music Genres?

Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Disco, & Lullabyes.

Favorite Foods?

Chinese and Mexican.

Dream Travel Location?

Brazil and anywhere the waves are good!

Thoughts on Zap?

I had the pleasure of working for Zap for a couple of years and feel they are the greatest skimboard company out there. It is amazing just to see the hard work and soul put into making each and every board.

Why Skimboarding?

Growing up on the Gulf, I quickly realized that if I wanted to be in the water, skimboarding was where it was at. I also found it a lot more technical and challenging than surfing.

5 years from now?

Still shreding of course, traveling more, and enjoy life with my wife and family.

You Skim mostly with?

The V-BHA crew…Rob, Russell, RDS Steve, Frank, Kai Hayes, Chris Splendor, Aaron Astin, Dave Scott, etc.

Passionate About?

Famliy, friends, life.

Other Board Sports?

Surfing and skating.

Spare Time?

Catching waves, hanging with my friends and family.