Team Justin Boisclair



Birthdate / Age

Old enough.. hahah

Full Name

Justin Boisclair


Venice, Florida


Tampa, FL

Local Skim Spot

When its good Nokomis or BG and lil doo
doo burger skim I skim in IRB

Years Skimboarding

25 competitively 12 years



Primary Board Setup

54 Jaimie full Zap pad setup arch and tail

Secondary Board Setup

54 Jaimie and 52 boom cable park board



Justin Boisclair Justin Boisclair Justin Boisclair Justin Boisclair Justin Boisclair Justin Boisclair



Music Genres?

Punk, Hip Hop, House, Trance, Dubstep, Hardcore, Country.. Music is a way of life so there is always something bumpin in my head, ipod, or car!

Favorite Foods?

Pizza, Italian, Sushi and munchiesssss.

Dream Travel Location?

Sununga.. I would love to go there and camp on the beach for a week.. And France with all the homies and for the final couple days go to Ibiza!!! Im sure all the boys would go big! hahah

Thoughts on Zap?

What cant be said about Zap.. I got my first board at age 5 which was a Zap. I’ve been part of the Zap family my whole life. I love our roots and I love how we all have great vibes towards each other. They have done so much for our sport that nothing bad could be said about them. Love Zap and will be Zapped for life!

Why Skimboarding?

I started when my Mom and her friends would go down and party at North Jetty when I was a kid and her friends kid Shawn Sturgill would always be down there with his friends skimming. I was hooked from the first day and within a couple weeks my mother had bought me my first Zap! I never stopped.

5 years from now?

Living the socal life and charging waves, downhill mtb, and bmx dirt jumps. As long as my heads above the ground Ill be good.. Don’t stress life, just live it.

You Skim mostly with?

Steve “Buefy/TaceT” Bradford, Akerman, and all the boys down in ZAP country!

Other Board Sports?

Wakeskating, riding the skim behind the boat and cable, long skate, and dirt jumping bmx.

Spare Time?

I play in the dirt, mud, water.. anything in either of those.. Running around in mosh pits and just living in an extreme lifestyle.. I usually do things then look back and say wow that was dumb, but pretty badass and Im still alive!