Team Makai Pullara



Birthdate / Age

October 24, 1995 ()

Full Name

Makai Stephano Pullara


St. Augustine, Florida


Vilano Beach, Florida

Local Skim Spot

Vilano Beach

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Medium Steve Pullara model with X-Trak Archbar and Tailpad, Zogg’s SexWax

Secondary Board Setup

Big Days-Steve Pullara model, Small Days Dave Scott model



Makai Pullara Makai Pullara Makai Pullara Makai Pullara



Music Genres?

Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, OFWGKTA

Favorite Foods?

Italian and Island food

Dream Travel Location?

Cabo, Brazil, Portugal

Thoughts on Zap?

I’ve been loving the boards and riders(family) since birth and always rep Zap….Zap’d for life

Why Skimboarding?

Cause dad forced me 14 years ago

5 years from now?

In college and hopefully playing football and hopefully a Pro skimmier

You Skim mostly with?

Steve Pullara, Russell Thomas, Jed Currington, Dave Scott, Rob McCoy, pretty much the V-bah crew.

Passionate About?

Football and getting a good education for the future

Other Board Sports?

Skating, Extreme Boogie Boarding, and the occasional surfing.

Spare Time?

Football, Madden, C.O.D., and chillin with friends.