Team Roman Hager



Birthdate / Age

March 10, 2005 ()

Full Name

Roman Vike Hager


Orlando, FL


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Local Skim Spot

The Pier and Suntower Beach

Years Skimboarding

Started April of 2011



Primary Board Setup

My fully custom Smetts Rocketfish. It is the most insane skimboard in the world with the sickest bottom ever. Those aren’t fake muscles that is what I really look like.

Secondary Board Setup

I have 2 Boomhower “The Grom” these boards are awesome. When I switched over to “The Grom” it made a big improvement in my ability. I highly suggest to all little groms out there if you want to step up your game get one!



Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager Roman Hager




JayZ, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, and Lorde

Favorite Foods?

Strawberries, Salmon, Grapes, Chocolate, and Ice Cream. My favorite drink is Root Beer.

Dream Travel Location?

Cabo or Costa Rica

Thoughts on Zap?

I think it’s pretty amazing I am on the ZAP team because it’s the biggest Skim company in the world. I am really honored to be part of the ZAP family. Everyone is very nice and I look up to all of them. Thank you for supporting me.

5 years from now?

In 5 years I will be 13. I dream of having a signature skimboard and skateboard. I hope to have my own clothing line and to start making “The Lord Of The Board” a huge company.

You Skim mostly with?

I skim at my local spot with my little brother Rocco and a bunch of local guys like Louie, Illan, Ryan, Mason and whoever else shows up that day.

Passionate About?

Skimboarding, Skateboarding

Other Board Sports?

Skateboarding and Surfing

Spare Time?

Skate and Skim. If it’s crappy out I play Skate3.