Team Steve Boomhower



Birthdate / Age

November 29, 1979 ()

Full Name

Stephen Anthony


Venice, Florida


Venice, FL

Local Skim Spot

Casperson’s, Sharkey’s,
south jetty, north jetty, casey key.

Years Skimboarding

Roughly 25



Primary Board Setup

The last few years My primary board set up has been a few different variations of my Bullet model. I’ve been riding a slightly updated Bullet outline with a moon tail and another version with a wing moon tail combo. These two boards really suit my skimming needs especially skimming on the gulf and east coast. Even in bigger waves I still love riding them. I took a large bullet, chopped some of the tail off then shaped in the moon. Doing this made the tail area pretty wide which planes for days and the moon design really helps “bite” the water when I’m wrapping. So the board still turns really well. The version with the wing just brings in tail tail a bit and gives it more of a pivot and sensitivity in its turning radius. They are 3/4 thick planning down to 5/8 in the nose and tail. Right around 51″ long. And of course I’m using my pro model pad set up from Gorilla grip.

Secondary Board Setup

Well like I said above I’ve been riding those boards as my primary setup in so my actual pro model has been my secondary board. I only pull it out when its good and juicy. I ride a medium which is 53″ long and I ride a 3/4 planned down to 5/8 in the nose and tail. The board pictured is actually 3yrs old and still holding strong. I never break boards and this one was a “magic” board so I’m glad its still around.



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Years riding for Zap?


Music Genres?

Hardcore, (real hardcore though, not the crap you call “hardcore”), Metal, punk rock, outlaw country, bluegrass, folk

Favorite Foods?

Mexican, Thai, swamp cabbage, Italian

Dream Travel Location?

Well since its a dream it would be a cove/bay set up with right hand point surf on one side and left hand surf on the other in the chest to foot overhead range that reformed to awesome skim waves on the beach. There would be an amazing Mexican restaurant on the beach with ice cold beers ready to go.

Thoughts on Zap?


Why Skimboarding?

Cause when I was little I hated the beach ironically, I thought it was boring. So my mom and grandma got me a skimboard in hopes that I’d stop whining. It worked.

5 years from now?

Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of you asking me this question.

You Skim mostly with?

The brothers Smetts, Myself, and Tingler mostly. Then add spices of Monster, Dion, Johnny and Ninja here and there.

Passionate About?

This quote – “To be nobody but yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight – and never stop fighting.” – E.E. Cummings

Other Board Sports?

Surfing and skateboarding

Spare Time?

Playing in bands, going to shows, 4 wheeling/mudding, shooting guns.