Team Steve Pullara



Birthdate / Age

April 28, 1965 ()

Full Name

Steve Pullara


Tampa, Florida


Vilano Beach Florida

Local Skim Spot

Vilano Beach

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Medium pintail propel bottom, potato chip custom. very plained down nose and tail, softened edge rails, I like my boards to have sharper more parrallel rails to help stop any resistence from the waves. I dress all my boards the same X-trak Viking or Slingshot tail pad with kickup sides and a wide long archbar. I use Zogg’s Sex Wax for the rest. Oh…I can’t forget the RDS and DVS sponsor logos. This board works best in big steep direct shorebreak conditions, and the Propel bottom helps this board last longer on the unforgiving coquina of Vilano

Secondary Board Setup

Not a real big fan of using different boards for different breaks, so I just bring an extra version of my model where ever I go just in case I break a board. I would be down with trying a 1.5-2 inch smaller version on a Cabo size wave though.



Steve Pullara Steve Pullara Steve Pullara Steve Pullara



Music Genres?

I love me some Country music now…..NOT ! I’m really deverse with music, Reggae takes top billing, Steel Pulse, any Marley family member, Common Sense (Nick-I). It’s not unlikely to catch my listening to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slightly Stoopid or Pepper also Jazz, and even Christian. I’m a real big fan of supporting LOCAL musicians, our town is loaded with amazing talent, Prime Directive, I-Vibes, Chulula, Scholars Word, Pili-Pili, One Hit Wonder, Papercut, Chuck Nash.

Favorite Foods?

All Seafood, Jerck Chicken, Crack Conch, Sushi, Pancakes, Cereal, Bananas, Hot Ass Chicken Wings, Hambugers, French Fries..oh ya…BEER…beer is food..right ??

Dream Travel Location?

Skimboard on Sicily and Ireland where most of my ancestors are from, then Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa

Thoughts on Zap?

What a great company to be associated with. We’re inovative, creative, openminded and fun. Always giving now and worrying about the reward later. The Smetts are like family to Makai and myself. Steve Boomhower has worked with me over the years to fine tune a my specifications. I’m pretty lucky to have this relationship.

Why Skimboarding?

Growing up and spending summers on the gulf coast of Tampa’s beaches my brother and cousins would have fun on round boards, I had to try it. I progressed with the developement of the boards through the years from woodies to foam core. It was fun growing up and meeting people from different areas, also a great way to see different beaches. Skimboarding is great exercise.

5 years from now?

With a lot less hair, that’s forsure. Skimming as much as I can here and some traveling too but I’m mostly looking forward to watching my son Makai playing football on a college level and watching the continued growth of RDS around the world.

You Skim mostly with?

Makai Pullara, Jed Currington, Russell Thomas, Rob McCoy, Nick T and there’s a bunch of kids coming and going from this area like Dave Scott and Aaron Astin. It’s always fun to catch a session with some of the touring Pro’s when they are in town for my contest, just kicking it and free skimming…good times !!

Passionate About?

Being the best Earthly father next to Joseph for Makai. My Family and friends all over the world. The Florida Pro/Am and Crossover Tour and most of all RDS Skim Company

Other Board Sports?

In my mind I still Skate like a champ, Wakeboard with the best of them and still do paddle takeoff’s on my Skimboard, but in reality I just Skim and I’m lucky to still be able to charge it…so that’s good enough for me.

Spare Time?

Watching Makai sack Quarterbacks and block Punters, discussing football plays and techniques with him. I’m always thinking of enovative deisgns for RDS Skim Company and what better things that can be done during the Florida Pro/Am and Crossover Tour to allow contestants and their familes to have fantastic memories of attending and being a part of the events.