Team Zac Belmonte



Birthdate / Age

May 22, 1993 ()

Full Name

Zac Belmonte


Orange Beach, AL


Orange Beach, AL

Local Skim Spot

Pawn Shop

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Medium 3/4″ J-Dub Pro shape, Gorilla Boomhower pads.

Secondary Board Setup

I don’t have two boards, but my next board I’m going to get is a small 3/4″ J-Dub, but move the wide point back, and pull the tail in to give the board extra pop.



Zac Belmonte Zac Belmonte Zac Belmonte Zac Belmonte Zac Belmonte Zac Belmonte



Music Genres?

Atmosphere, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck Gorillaz, and everything else.

Favorite Foods?

Home made pizza.

Dream Travel Location?

Wedge, 10th Street.

Thoughts on Zap?

Sick boards, sick people, I’m stoked to be apart of the team.

Why Skimboarding?

Well my Dad taught me how to “skim” when I was 5, sliding along wet sand on flat beaches. A few years later, I ran into some local guys who were riding carbon boards and catching waves. I saved up all my money for a real board, started catching waves, and I was hooked.

5 years from now?

Hopefully Making skimboarding into my career.

You Skim mostly with?

The BAMA Crew/Colton, Kale, Cully.

Passionate About?

Having as much fun as I can before I get too old.

Other Board Sports?

Surf, Skate, Long Board skate, and I really wanna go snowboarding.

Spare Time?

Chilin at the shop parting with the BAMA crew, Bombing Parking decks.