Team Zach Smetts



Birthdate / Age

September 27, 1987 ()

Full Name

Zachery Cole Smetts


Sarasota, FL


Nokomis, FL

Local Skim Spot

North Jetty, Nokomis, Casey Key

Years Skimboarding




Primary Board Setup

Since I live where the waves are smaller and not so big and right on the beach, I prefer to ride a 53″ Rocket Fish.

Secondary Board Setup

If I am on the west coast, or the waves are just big, heavy and right on the beach, I’ll ride a Medium Boomhower or traditional shape. If the waves aren’t pumping, you will pretty much find me on my Rocket Fish. (even if it is a decent size day) A lot of the time, I’ll ride my fish if I am at a sidewash break, or especially a liner spot. The fish makes it really easy to get through those weaker spots of the wave that you find a lot when riding siders and mushy liners, etc.



Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Zach Smetts Zach Smetts



Music Genres?

Rock n Roll, Metal, (some) Rap, (some) Dubstep, A little country, Punk, Reggae, Progressive anything, basically open to most all music or will at least give it a good chance!

Favorite Foods?

Healthy Stuff. But I’m not always healthy, so then Taco Bell, in the process of boycotting McDonalds (not going very well)

Dream Travel Location?

Too many awesome places in the world for me to just think about one place I want to go. But, if it were my next trip, I’d say Australia or New Zealand.

Thoughts on Zap?

It’s in my blood.

Why Skimboarding?

I started way back when I was a little guy, probably somewhere between 6-8 years old. My older brothers and all their friends did it all the time and naturally I picked it up too.

5 years from now?

Having a blast

You Skim mostly with?

Boom, my brothers, monster, dion, myself!

Passionate About?

Balance. Live and let live. Love everyone as if they were your own blood. Know when to draw the line when dealing with lazy people. Independence, respect, don’t force things, search for happiness and do whatever it takes to get it!

Other Board Sports?

Snowboarding, skateboarding (like to keep it to cruising the bowls and that sort) surfing, wakesurfing.

Spare Time?

My 1979 4×4 Blazer, spending time trail riding and just being outside in general. Hiking, camping, dirtbikes, 4 wheelers, punk rock shows.