Getting On Your Board

Steve Boomhower

Venice, Florida, USA

Steve Boomhower talks about the best way to get on your board, explains the one step, and some dos and don’ts when it comes achieving the perfect drop.

Backside Shuv-It

Emanuel Embaixador

Cape Verde, Africa

Emanuel aka “Mega” demonstrates how to execute a backside 180 shuv-it. First he shows how to begin learning this maneuver on the beach, then brings it to the water.

Three Sixty

Roman Hager

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Watch Roman Hager show how to spin a basic 360.

Backside Wrap

Dave Scott

Makena State Park, Hawaii, USA

Dave Scott walks you through a 3 step process of how to execute a backside wrap. This is one of the most important things to learn. The backside wrap is the fundamental maneuver that opens the door to many more possibilities in your riding.

What to Expect from a Contest

Helen Holt

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, USA

Listen to team rider Helen Holt talk about what you can expect at a skim contest. She coverers the basic flow of a contest and how a rider is judged based on rider completion, style, and difficulty of maneuver.

Frontside Turn

Tony Bianchi

Balboa Pier, California, USA

Watch Tony Bianchi walk you through the frontside turn. The frontside turn is more of a difficult maneuver than a backside turn, and Tony explains what you need to do!

The Basics

Jason Wilson

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Jason Wilson covers the fundamental basics with skimboarding. From board sizing, warmup, checking the skim reports and beaches, to what to bring with you during a session.

Backside Bigspin

Bruno Sá

Recife, Brazil

Watch team Zap international rider Bruno Sá walk us though the backside bigspin. Filmed on location in Recife, Brazil.