A good day at Zap with Jason Wilson

VENICE, FL (Oct. 13, 2011) Zap team rider Jason Wilson payed us a visit this week and we were super stoked to have him around for the day.  It is always nice to have our team come and see us at the factory from time to time.  Great things always happen we the crew is able to get together.  And to top the day off, one of our local gulf coast spots was calling us in for a little evening session together before Jason had to make his journey back east to tend his Alley Oop shop located in Ft. Lauderdale.

See the pictures below where you will find Jason Wilson and Steve Boomhower discussing different ideas and great things to come in the future for Zap, as well as the fun little skim session we scored at the end of the day!

Jason Wilson @ Zap

Jason & Steve Boomhower going over the new schematics of Jason’s 2012 model.

Zach Smetts ripping his self designed sled, the Rocket Fish

Dave Armstrong

Monster f/s

Boomhower testing out his new…?

Zach 1

Zach 2

Max Smetts b/s air

Jason stoking Monster out

Monster f/s air, there was a lot of this going on.

Local Naji Taha, aka “Ninja”

Monster b/s tre

Max Smetts getting tech above the lip

Boom f/s air 1

Boom f/s air 2

Monster f/s line

Zach Smetts f/s air

Jason Wilson laying it back

Wilson f/s air 1

Wilson f/s air 2

Good times

Jason gave this visit a thumbs up!


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