Amateur Championships Recap

The Zap Amateur World Championships went down this past weekend and the hype around the event lived up to its name with riders coming in from around the world to compete in Dewey Beach, DE. We had the opportunity of hanging out with these guys all week and there was never a dull moment to be had around the groms. When the weekend rolled around the swell dropped and left minimal waves that all the competitors made the most out of showcasing their technical skills. The level of riding had grown to another level at this event with the variations of tricks and consistency of riders. Nevertheless its safe to say the future of skimboarding is very bright! Our Zap riders represented very well as always and killed the contest the whole weekend. Our youngest team rider Roman Hager won the Mini Division, Sam McCoy took 3rd in Jr Mens and 2nd in Semi Pro losing on a late buzzer beater kickflip done by his good friend Gordon Levine. Lucas McCoy took 3rd in Mens, and Naji Taha took 1st place in Sr. Mens. Congrats to our riders and all the riders that placed in the contest! See y’all next year…




 MINI DIVISION                                                                    WOMENS DIVISION

1. Roman Hager                                                                         1. Catherine Squillante

2 .Kaleb Cox                                                                                2. Cameron Wick

3. Dominic Mascieri                                                                 3. Alex Yokley

4. Jack Schell                                                                              4. Ellen Wood


MENEHUNE DIVISION                                                     MENS DIVISION

1. Aidan Stevenson                                                                     1. Gordon Levine

2. Brady Green                                                                             2. Dylan Dobson

3. Eoin Lilly                                                                                  3. Lucas McCoy

4. Alex Sheckells                                                                         4. Daniel O’Connor


JR. GIRLS DIVISION                                                         SR. MENS DIVISION

1. Codie Patterson                                                                     1. Naji Taha

2. Sydney Pizza                                                                          2. Jeff Ulsh

3. Lilly Shiveley                                                                          3. Tom Bracht

4. Melanie Landry                                                                     4. Will Tracey


GIRLS DIVISION                                                                  MASTERS DIVISION

1. Eddy Shoop                                                                              1. Johnny Atoe

2. Lindsey Reynolds                                                                  2. Cesar Caminero

3. Haley Shapiro                                                                         3. Matt Adams

4. Caroline Burnett                                                                     4. Joshua Olmstead


BOYS DIVISION                                                                   GRANDMASTERS DIVISION

1. Eddie Dixon                                                                            1. Greg Catts

2. Carter Hill                                                                               2. Joe Ward

3. Brendan Wick                                                                        3. Corey Mahoney

4. Chase Porter                                                                           4. Erik Leaman


JR. MENS DIVISION                                                        SR. GRANDMASTERS DIVISION

1.Lucas Fnk                                                                               1. Brice Roughton

2. Jeremi Sheldon                                                                    2. Mark Mills

3. Sam Mc Coy                                                                           3. Wally Seim

4. Max Wheeler                                                                         4. Mike Sobillo



1.Gordon Levine

2. Sam Mc Coy

3. Dylan Dobson

4. Ryan Mc Farland

                                                          SUPER HEAT

                                            Lucas Fink – Rio De Janiero



Photo Credit: Max Smetts
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