EELSNOT + Zap: Cabo

Skimboarding film trip sponsored by Eelsnot Board Therapy with assistance from Zap and others. Film was made by our own Tony Bianchi with a few other Zap riders. Tony just launched his new site so make sure to check it out here. WEBSITE  Words from Tony’s trip below and of course his awesome video. Enjoy!

“Mexico is an amazing place to visit and here is my take on the land and waves. Had so much help from Jamie Lovett, without him it would have never been such a rad trip. We scored good waves and weather and really got to see a lot the place has to offer.”

ATHLETES: James Lovett,Tony “Toeknee” Bianchi, Derek “Duke” Shenton, John Akerman, Toby West, Brandon Rolland

MUSIC: Botin and Rodion – Galli (Give it up), Flume – Sleepless (Anthony for Cleopatra), Underworld – Moon in the water, Oliver – Mechanical


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