February Board Guide

Quick board guide to get your summer started with a new stick! Whether you are just starting or an advanced rider, we have the perfect board for you. Check out our best sellers below.

Beginner: The Wedge

The Zap Wedge skimboard is the workhorse of our board line. This has been the first skimboard for many riders and continues to be a top choice for beginners and intermediates. The Wedge comes in three sizes covering a wide range of riders and skill levels. From learning the skimboarding basics, to understanding wave riding fundamentals; the Wedge is the ready to take your skills to the next level.

Intermediate: The Ace Model

If you want the best performing skimboard at the most affordable price, read on. The Ace boasts all the elements any skimboarder on a budget can take advantage of, and put right to use. The Ace utilizes our brand new, SuperDura™ bottom, a finely tuned rocker, and high performance shape that makes this the perfect fit for both you, and the wave’s pocket.

Advanced: Fuse X

You’ve been looking for that all around high performance shape at the right price? Well the Fuse is here and it is just what you’re looking for. The outline is sleek and it is a proven high performance shape tested by our riders in all conditions. It comes standard with an eglass layup and carbon stringer for added performance.

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