Jason Wilson in Cabo

Just got back from a great Alley-Oop Adventure down to Cabo San Lucas! Paulo Prietto and myself took a crew of aspiring skimmers on an amazing skim trip! We scored some pretty fun waves, hung with the locals, and experienced all the finer aspects Cabo has to offer. I rode my epoxy pro model shape most of the trip. I was very happy on how it performed in the close to shore heavy conditions. It worked good in steep transition and held nicely in the face of the thick waves. Cabo is a great place for any skimmer looking for challenging conditions.

For more info on Alley-Oop Skim adventures check www.alleyoopskim.com or contact jason@zapskimboards.com

A short video of our trip by Scott Stinnett will be online in May. Check out some pics below.

Words: Jason Wilson
Photos Credit: Joss HudsonPaulo PriettoBrandon Rolland, and Thiago Mendonça

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