Karen Vision

Karen Stewart is one of the awesome ladies that works at Zap. She keeps track of every board that gets ordered and shipped out, and much more. Check out some of the cool things Karen sees at the Zap factory in this Karen Vision post!

Karen and Taylor Brothers.

Steve Boomhower fan, Charlie Mitchell from Fort Myers

Karen’s dog Maximus!

Carmen Penker picking up the HangTen for Autism boards.

Boisclair stopping by to pickup his new board.

Wyatt Krapf with his new board repping UM.

More Boomhower stoke.

Jed came back to visit the factory.

Team rider Conner Schmitt now working for Dancing with the Stars now.

Our airbrush artist Rick Lutz.

Francisco and family from Highest Surf Shop in Venezuela.

One of the raffle boards from the Amateur Championships in Delaware,

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