Mega & Bruno Appear on Jamie O'Brien VLOGS Show

Mega's most recent trip to Brazil, working, and spending time with his friend/current Surfing World Champion Italio Ferreira was about as good as it gets. Then on the last day of his trip it got even better! Italio asked him to extend the trip to help with the arrival of professional surfer Jamie O'Brien, who would be filming for an episode of his Jamie O'Brien VLOGS show! It was Mega's dream come true!

In his words: "The opportunity to meet one of my idols growing up!! So epic! 10 more days surfing everyday no matter what for his YouTube show. It was good to see how they work and how professional they are. I called immediately to Bruno to be ready because Jamie wanted to film some good stuff. One day I went skimming with Marcos Casteluber and Jamie asked me if I could film just skimming the next morning. I was like so Psyched! I never could imagine being on his show. I have watched every single episode since the beginning. A true dream! So I called Bruno Sá and I said to him: Man, you better be here early in the morning, we are going to be on Jamie's vlogs! The next morning we skimmed and Bruno killed it. We had a blast! It was a February of pure joy and epic moments!"

Check out the episode below! Be sure to follow Mega: @themegaman_ , Bruno: @brunosa92 , and Jamie O'Brien: @whoisjob 



Photos by: Matheus Sá @matheusmtx

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