Mega in Brazil: Part Two

Team rider Emanuel Embaixador has been traveling around Brazil to find good skim. Each week we will keep you updated on his trip.

“I took a 5 hours Bus to Sununga, Ubatuba in the Sao Paulo state. Sununga is one of the most famous sider waves for skimboarding in the world.  It was my second time here and I am pretty stoked to come again.This place is magical; the food, the locals, and waves makes it special. The swell was good, but sider was not working often. The frontal wave was insane during the high tide. We film the sessions to make my own video here in Brazil to document the trip.

Now im in Vitoria, Espirito Santo (a state north of Rio de janeiro) after a 14 hours on Bus!!!! Check out some photos and still frames from my trip.
See u soon!”
Photo Credit: Andre Callado/Marcus Casteluber

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