OBX Contest – Day Two

Day Two at the Outer Banks Skim Jam was a great ending to the weekend. Waves were a bit smaller but nonetheless still fun.  The pro semi-finals were very exciting and the competition was fierce.  Zap team riders Dave “Monster” Armstrong and John Akerman pushed through to skim for 5th and 6th place with Akerman getting the better of Armstrong.  Jason Wilson did the best of the Zap guys advancing to the finals and ending up with an overall 4th place finish.  Zap Am riders Joe Ryce and Libby Rendall both took first place in the Sr. Mens and Womens divisions.  Joe also made it to the semi-pro final taking 4th place after a long day of skimming.  Chris Brown held down the mens division taking 1st in his heats ending up with a 3rd place finish in the finals.  Sam McCoy took 4th place in the Jr Mens division and Zap shaper Mark Stewart place 3rd in the Master division.  Patrick Monigle finished out the day with 3rd place in the boys division.  The day ended with Zach Belmonte winning the best wave/trick contest receiving the the official Nome that is passed on to a new winner every year.

So overall it was a great week of fun waves and good times! Here are some pictures from today.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Zap setup

Pro Semi-A / Stacked heat

John Akerman and the crowd

Patrick Monigle

Max Smetts / Huge 3-Shov

Monster / FS Air

Dave Scott / Liner

Joe Ryce/ Nice wrap

Max and Akerman / Semi-Final B

Chris Brown / Off the top

Monster and Akerman / Skimming hard for 5th and 6th

J-Dub / This picture shows you how serious the Pro finals were! Jason getting the best of this one.

Helen & Max / Having some fun!

Libby Rendall / 1st Place

Zach Belmonte / Landing a kurrupt 360 air to win the Nome

Zap board shaper & laminator Mark Stewart / FS Slash

Zap Pro Riders / 6th, 5th, and 4th places!

Jellies rolled in just as the contest ended.


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