Flashing back to this awesome Run Drop Slide movie of where it all started. Pretty rad to see how far we have come. Enjoy!


20th Anniversary Digital Release
Circa 1992

Francis Walsh, Dave Crowley, Neil Dougherty, John Wetmore, Tracy Meder, Chuck Stapleford, Mark Mills, Billy Clark, Brice Roughton, Bobby Evans, Joss Hudson, William White, Jamie Gamuciello, Skip marcotte, Carter & Connor Schmitt, Justin Redefer, Geoff Shupard, Jason Wilson & Joey Vavala as Super Groms!

Nick Hernandez and Kanai Sharsh in Hawaii ( Footage Courtesy of Harry Wilson)
Nick and Amber Cottle in Laguna on the Carbon 5 by Sea Sports ( Footage Courtesy of Harry Wilson)

Please Note the Cheesy use of Graphics, Painful SlowMo Sequences and some seriously corny music in places.. Hopefully will bring back some good memories of pure joy and a simple life on a skimboard.”

RUN DROP SLIDE: The Movie from Joss Hudson on Vimeo.

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