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Sebastian Inlet Session

Almost two weeks ago we scored some really fun skim down at the south side of Sebastian Inlet. Waves were a bit troughy but nonetheless we still caught plenty of good ones! Here are some photos of the evening session.

Photos taken by: Brad Evers/Dave Scott

Stephen Bradford

John Akerman with a nice f/s wrap

Stephen Bradford on his new Rocket Fish

Brad Evers joined the crew catching some good ones!

Bradford setting up.

Bradford f/s 180 re-entry

Justin Boisclair with a shuvit re-entry

Derek Shenton on a connection.

Shenton on pulling in b/s on the same wave.

Dave Scott eyeing one up.

Dave tucking in.

Brad setting up for a f/s bash.

Bradford flying down the line on his Rocket Fish.

Boisclair tucking in.

Akerman wrapping

Akerman throwing a shov-it off the lip

Dave setting up for another.

Dave with a wrap

Akerman and Shenton both getting some fun waves.

Boisclair shwacking this one b/s.

Shenton lining one up the other way.

Bradford setting this one up.

Dave with some hard offshore wind on this his f/s.

Shenton with a sick wrap

Shenton b/s 180 down the line

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