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Team rider Emanuel “Mega” Embaixador recently met up with Simão Pinto to see how his new board is treating him. Check it out!

Name:   Simão Pinto
Age:    21 Years
Hometown:    Sesimbra, Portugal
Skimboards Since:   11 Years Old

Photos || Rui Gonçalves – (follow him on instagram @photo_prime)

Orange: Mega || Black: Simão

Where are your favorite places to skimboard?

Meco, Praia Da Foz, and Lagoa De Albufeira.

What size/shape board do you ride?

Small Boomhower Shape that is 5/8 of an inch thick.


How do you like the board and why?

It is the perfect board for tricks and adapts in all waves. The beaches around where I live have many different types of breaks and waves (rocky, shore break, reform waves, reef breaks). This board overall works the best at every one of these places.

You always have really cool art work on your boards. Did you choose the art on your new board?

The artwork was my idea. I want something clean and simple but still good looking. Boomhower knows it! :)


Any future plans?

To travel a lot more!

What is the best part about a contest?

The best parts are when you have huge barrels, the biggest prize moneys, and the crazy after parties! haha

Here are some more photo of Simão trying his new Boomhower Pro Model with the new Zap pads for the first time. He loved them both! This session was this past Friday  in his home town of Sesimbra.

Photos || Rui Gonçalves – (follow him on instagram @photo_prime)









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