Skimmunity Showdown Recap

The 1st Skimmunity Showdown was an absolute success! There were over 120 contestants – the location was perfect, an amazing group of local volunteers, the conditions were good, the weather held up, the riders were helpful and kind, and SkimUSA showed up in full effect with other 80% of the Directors there lending a helping hand. The contest kicked off with an incredible moment of kindness that perfectly represented what our skim family is all about. The contest kicked off with an impressive group of mini’s and one young man was very nervous and apprehensive about starting the heat. Co-Host Victor Enriquez, who was MCing the event took notice, immediately walked over to the grow with words of encouragement and pure compassion. The little grom gained confidence from the talk with Victor, composed himself and started the heat. Brian Edmonston (the other host) and his family did an amazing job managing the contest, ensuring every participate had a positive experience, resulting in a huge success.

Zap Team Rider Results:

Pro Men
- Matt Buchanon advanced to top 6 but sustained an injury practicing early on Day 2 so was unable to compete in his heat. We hope for a speedy recovery!
- ET Baker showed a lot style and strong maneuvers, resulting in 5th place
Pro Women
- Libby Rendall had some incredible rides – creating large sprays and very clean finishes resulting in 4th place
- Ellen Wood overall solid performance combining style with wave rides finishing 3rd
Jr Women’s
- Sydney Pizza placed 1st

Day 1 Lucas McCoy

Pro ET 2

Syd Finals

Pro Libby 3

Pro Ellen 2

Pro Ellen

Day 1 Sam M

Matt B - Day 1 pic 2

Sam Day 1

Pro ET 3

Matt B - Day 1

Matt B - Day 1 pic 3

Day 1 Lucas McCoy pic 2


Finals Syd

SYd Finals pic2

Pro ET 1

Pro Libby 2

JR Womens - Syd Pizza 1st

Pro Women - Libby & Ellen

Pro Men - ET & Matt B

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