Southside Inlet

After a good week and weekend of riding we got a few extra photos from our trip. Here they are!

J-Dub about to get some shade

Zac Belmonte wrapping a nice one

Portuguese rider Afonso Ruiz getting a good one during his last session the U.S.A.

Tony Bianchi with a nice hack

J-Dub setting up  for a nice one

 Lucas Gomes from Brazil getting covered up

Zac on another liner

Tony getting some of his own after filming all weekend


Chris Brown with an afternoon wrap

Zac with a FS air

Chris about to get shacked

J-Dub using his local knowledge to pick off the good ones

Tony getting the shot

Chris laying into this wave

An afternoon at the skate park

Zac laying back

Tony airing out the bowl


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