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Southside Session

Back in August some of the team got together after the Zap Amateur Championships and caught some fun skim at the south side of the inlet. Skim was pretty fun and playful. Check out the photos below.

Photos by Jason Wilson/Dave Scott

Dave Bracht/bs wrap

Dave Scott/bs air

Zach Belmonte/bs shovit re-entry

Dave Scott/liner

Dave Bracht/bs kurrupt air

Zach Belmonte/wrap of the day

Dave Scott/fs turn

Zach Belmonte/fs air

Dave Scott/fs turn

Sam Mccoy/fs turn

Jason Wilson/bs liner

Dave Scott/tucking under

Zach Belmonte/blasting an air and pointing to the ladies on the beach

Sam Mccoy/bs slash

Jason Wilson/bs turn

Zach Belmonte/another fs boost

Sam Mccoy/fs layback

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