The Ace in Cabo is Found!

After a long day of traveling yesterday, we are now home in FL from Mexico. It’s sad to be back already but there is no time for tears, we are jumping in the Zap van today and driving up to North Carolina for the Skim City OBX Skim Jam.

On our last day in Mexico, we hid an Ace model in the rocks at Sol Mar. It has been found! Cabo local Nick Hamm Alonso was the first to get there and claim it to be his own. He posted a pic with it on our Facebook page, check it out below. We are stoked you found it Hamm!

Tomorrow night is our Amateur Best Trick Contest in North Carolina, hope to see everyone there. Come and hang out with Monster, Akerman, the Smetts, Dave Scott, Steve Bradford and the rest of the Zap crew, its gonna be sick!

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