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Two New Records in Surfing

This has been a big week in the surfing industry. Kelly Slater has just clammed his 11th world title. This accomplishment is one that may never happen by anyone else. Slater was the youngest(age 20) and now oldest(age 39) to ever win a surfing world title event. I am sure this is not the last title we will see from Kelly either.

The next big happening is big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara has broken the record for the biggest wave ever ridden, at 90 feet. McNamara is a legend in big wave surfing, scouring the world to find the biggest surf, catching this wave in Nazare, Portugal. It is a widely sought goal of the global big-wave community to ride a 100-foot wave. With McNamara’s 90 foot ride, this goal is not an impossibility.

Garrett McNamara 90 foot wave. from The Surf Blog on Vimeo.

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