Vilano Sessions

A few months ago we caught some fun skim down at Vilano Beach, FL. Conditions were just right for the weekend and we scored some fun waves. Love it when this beach is working good.  Sets up for some great liners, wraps, and barrels! Check out the photos below.

Photos by Mike Haan

Russell on his backhand.

Kia with a front row view of Dave Scott throwing a 3-shov up the beach

Dave on a nice bs liner

Jed blasting a fs air

Max Smetts with a textbook wrap

Dave getting in the way of another great one of Max

Max caught many of these waves

Max getting covered up

Max/bs air

Russell with a huge fs gouge

Russel setting up for a nice wrap

Dave with a liner to fs slash

Dave/ bs liner

Dave getting under the lip

Dave still under the lip

Max driving down the line

Max on the same wave

Max was the star of the session

Max getting under the lip

Dave Bracht making an appearance

Dave Scott boosting a bs air

Kia testing out the Zap Dagger

Kia with laying back

Dave Scott setting up bs

Dave with another bs air

Kia with a both fs shwack

Dave with throw some bs tail to end the session before dark

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