Zap Skimboards Nominated for StemSmart Award

Cool video and writeup the team from STEMSmart made for the Zap nominee. Check it out!

Nominee: Zap’s skimboard marketing in a surfboard world

It’s hard enough to skimboard, much less create a market for them. Bob Smetts took his passion for surfboards and turned it into a market-leading skimboard design and manufacturing business. In his own words, “The first Zaps were built to supplement my surfboard building income. At first it was simply economics, but over time the skimboard design and construction process began to develop and mature. Skimboards became our only business, I call it Zapology.”

Now that’s STEMsmart!

Zap now works a comfortable 4 day week and only builds the worlds best quality boards, always looking for ways to improve their product. They’ve learned to control their processes to maintain the best quality finish of any board in the industry, as well as the design parameters require by the world’s top riders.

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