Zap Amp Skimboard 56"

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Handmade in the USA
Built in and shipped from our factory in Venice, FL

Get ready to Amp’d on this shred stick. There isn’t one board we have rode that wants to get up and go like the Amp. From your first step on the board, you quickly feel the speed this board has packed into it. The stream-lined outline starting from the Snub tail makes it an all around high performing beast. We decided to make it ¾ tapered rails for maximum float and maneuverability to get the most out of the nimble shape. It comes in four sizes; 50”, 52”, 54”, and 56”.

Board Specs

Model #:  A56E 
Model Name:  Amp
Dimensions:  56" x 21.65"
Thickness:  3/4"
Rider Ht. Range:  5'5" - 6'3"
Rider Wt. Limit:  225 lbs.

Important Information About Applying Traction To This Skimboard