Anue Riot Surfboard 5'1"

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Handmade in the USA
Built in and shipped from our factory in Venice, FL

Anue Surfboards; the latest creation from Glaspro Board Manufacturing, home of Zap Skimboards.

Hand built using a proprietary process developed at Glaspro, Anue Surfboards offers a unique durable construction with performance features you will notice the first moment you pick one up. 

Our first creation, the RIOT is a super fun,  quick, agile wave machine designed to catch  the smaller surf  found in Florida and the East Coast.

Get ready to get up and go fast in the mushy small surf in your backyard... Catch Anue ride with us!  

The Riot features a double wing thumb tail that doesn’t hold back any momentum yet gives the board enough bite to be very maneuvable. It is made with only the highest quality materials using our FlexTec construction. The bottom features X-Glass with carbon Innegra to make this one of the strongest boards in the industry. It comes standard with FCS fins and a 5 fin setup to satisfy anyone’s needs. 

Board Specs

Model #:  RI62 
Model Name:  Anue Riot Surfboard
Dimensions:  5'1" x 20.75"
Thickness:  2"
Rider Ht. Range:  5'0" - 6'0"
Rider Wt. Limit:  185lbs.

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