Zap Honeybadger Skim Surf

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Handmade in the USA
Built in and shipped from our factory in Venice, FL

Key Features+Tech

The Honey Badger features some elements of a traditional surfboard with a small squash tail and narrower outline making it a very high performance shape, and works best for large off the lip maneuvers like airs and sprays while maintaining maximum responsiveness and control for both surf and skim style riding.

Board Specs

Model #:  HB55 
Model Name:  Honeybadger
Dimensions:  55" x 21"
Thickness:  1.75"
Rider Ht. Range:  5'1" - 5'11"
Rider Wt. Limit:  200 lbs.

Model #: HB60 
Model Name: Honeybadger
Dimensions:  60" x 21.25"
Thickness:  1.75"
Rider Ht. Range:  5'4" - 6'2"
Rider Wt. Limit:  240 lbs.