Bruno Sa || All out

Brazilian Team rider Bruno Sá going all out recently with his new boards. We are always amazed at the style and progression of Bruno. Photos were taken during three different sessions at Empada Beach, Tamarandé Beach and Candeias Beach. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Matheus Sá
Bruno 10 C

Bruno 5 E

Bruno 6 E

Bruno 7 E

Bruno 4 E

Bruno 3E

Bruno 2 E

Bruno 5 T

Bruno 9 T

Bruno 3 T

Bruno 4 T

Bruno 6 T

Bruno 8 C

Bruno 6 C

Bruno 5 C

Bruno 7 C

Bruno 4 C

Bruno 2 C

Bruno 1 T

Bruno 1 E

Bruno 1 C

Bruno 7 T

Bruno 8 E

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