Bruno Sá Wins Championship 1 Copa Nordeste

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Bruno Sá Wins Championship 1 Copa Nordeste

Words: Bruno Sá

We organized a 3 days event.

At the first day we spoke to some kids from a public school where we were able to speak about the sport and teach them how to do it. Here the public education is for people in need and sports in general takes a lot of kids from the drug path. So being able to do this was really amazing. The kids loved it.

The second day we started with the championship. We had 3 categories: begging, amateurs and professional. We had in total 10 competitors.

At the third day we had the semi-finals and finals from all categories. It was a sick day with a lot of good athletes. Gladly I won, but it was quite hard.

Congratulations and awesome riding and spreading the skim stoke to the kids, Bruno! Take a look at the photos and video below.

Photos by: Matheus Sá
Video by: Laís Cabral






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