Contest: Fiesta De Shred

New contest on the events page! Fiesta De Shred hosted by Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach, FL. We will have the large tent and demo boards for everyone try the new shapes. Come on out!

“After a long 4 year hiatus of hosting the southwest inspired beach party, Fiesta De Skim we finally decided to reawaken the dragon. The sombrero wearing, maraca shaking, pinata bursting, mustache rocking event is back, and it’s better then ever. FIESTA DE SHRED will combine skim and surf on the same beach on the same day in the ultimate showdown!!!!”


Luchadores (groms and first timers)
Federales (can hold there own on a good day)
Conquistadors (you know who you are)
El Profesionales (pros)
Senoritas (girls)

Register Online: Click Here
Facebook Page:  Click Here

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