Phase 5 Teaser

Feast your eyes on the latest Phase 5 Wakesurfers Media Shoot Trailer. We flew in the Phase 5 Team along with our videographer Corbin Blanton of CB Filmz for 5 days of filming. The 2014 P5 team videos are once again going to be a 3 part video series. The series features footage shot with the latest GoPro Hero 3 Plus Black Edition, DJI Phantom 2, Canon EOS 7D, and other top-of-the-line, high definition cameras and equipment. We filmed for roughly 4 days at beautiful Lake June in Lake Placid, FL where we creatively captured the biggest and baddest tricks in wake surfing. The final day was filmed in the ocean behind a 54 foot yacht and well…..just watch the trailer and see for yourself! Be sure to watch this in HD.

Get ready for 3 of the most unique and epic wake surfing videos. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when they are released.

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The music featured in this video was written and arranged by Sarge Kinlin.

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