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Surf Expo Recap

We had an awesome Surf Expo this past weekend in Orlando, FL. The whole crew hungout and showed off all of the new 2012 boards and accessories. For all of you that could not make it, here are a ton of photos of the show. Big things are happening at Zap for 2012!

New Lovett Tear Drop Shape and Mini Boomhower Mini Grom.

Founder and Owner, Bob Smetts, showing off the new Boomhower Grom.

Karen, handling business.

Zap Comp model.

Steve Boomhower hanging with his Pro Models.

New board bag designs.

New Boomhower Voyager model.

Max Smetts M5 shape.

New Ace Model, Upgraded Pro!

Ace Logo.

Boomhower 47″ Grom.

Skim City Greg visiting us at the booth.

The next set of photos are from Karen Stewarts iPod Touch. Look for more photos like this in an upcoming post called Karen Vision.


Grom Shape!

J Dub!

Jason Wilson 2012 pro model.

Derek Shenton.

Stephen Bradford.

Justin Boiclair hanging out.

Dave Scott

Mark Stewart.

Max Smetts and his model!

Karen and old team rider Taylor Brothers, now pro surfer.

New logos on Lazers, Wedges, Fish, Chizels, and Pros!


The Crew.

Tyler from Clermont gets first Grom Boom!


First Voyager Sale!

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