Sydney Pizza Raises Money To Support Education

Words: Jason Wilson

Amateur team rider Sydney Pizza recently took a trip down to the Bahamas. This was not your average winter family vacation though. Sydney was returning to the Island of Eleuthera where she had visited on previous vacations. Eleuthera is an awesome tropical destination; empty beaches, fun waves, great fishing, exploring, and relaxing. During these trips Sydney found a special place in her heart for the people and community after making a few local friends where she stayed in Gregory Town. She loved the island life and culture so much she wanted to give back to the island by raising money for the local school.

“I am currently raising money to buy school supplies for the children at the Gregory Town primary school in Gregory Town Eleuthera. I have raised just over $6000. We went down a few weeks ago and to deliver the supplies and the principal was speechless. We delivered 15 calculators, and 9 computers. My mom is going back down on Sunday to deliver 2 DVD players, and 3 more laptops.” – Sydney Pizza

As you can see from the pics, Sydney did just that. She had a mission and she delivered. We are proud of our girl Sydney Pizza! She is well rounded and has the focus to do great things in and out of the water. When I asked what motivated her to raise the money and get all of the school supplies to the island she replied:

“The kids. Just seeing the education gap and that they don’t even have some of the “basics” that we have”.

Quite impressive to hear from a 14 year old. She noticed a problem and used her resources to fix it and in turn make a difference in the lives of many young children. She got a few fun slides on her skimboard too. Check out the great pics below!


01a Sydney

06 Sydney

07 SYdney

08 Sydney

09 Surers Beacj

11 SYdney

19 Love

03 Matteo







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